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Home Insurance Fort Worth TX Risk Tolerance

When it comes to selecting homeowners insurance, Fort Worth, TX homeowners and residents should consider the following three key factors: covered events and exclusions, deductibles and your level of risk tolerance. If you follow the simple suggestions below, you should be able to obtain an affordable homeowners policy with substantial coverage using very little effort.

1. Covered events and exclusions. A typical Fort Worth home insurance policy will cover any damage caused by lightning, fire, windstorms, hail, vandalism or theft. In contrast, damage caused by floods, earthquakes, pests, mold and seeping water leaks are not usually covered. Think ahead about your Fort Worth home and the possible sources of damage that might possibly occur there. Check with the federal government to see if your home is in a known flood plain, for example, using the government website If you think you are likely to experience damage from one of the excluded events, talk to your insurance broker about how to add on extra insurance coverage using a rider on your policy. Each extra rider will add some more cost to your insurance; however, this minimal monthly expense is well worth it in case your Fort Worth home experiences a major disaster like a flood when a nearby creek or stream overflows.

2. Consider bumping up your deductible. If you raise your deductible, which is the minimum amount you are responsible to pay when your home experiences damage and your insurance policy is invoked, your monthly payments will go down. This will ease your monthly bills while giving you an opportunity to save money towards a deductible in an interest bearing bank account. This way if you need to use your policy after a weather or vandalism event, the deductible amount is already available to you in your interest bearing account. Raise your deductible as high as you can, but don’t raise it so high that you won’t be able to cover it. Some households can handle a $10,000 deductible; many other households cannot. The good news is when it comes to homeowners insurance, Fort Worth homeowners have many different options and price points to choose from, including high deductible plans.

3. Think about your level of risk tolerance when adding options to your home insurance. Your policy will definitely have liability coverage in case a visitor to your home is accidentally injured on your property. But many policies lack medical coverage to pay the medical bills of the injured party or parties. You probably should add medical coverage as an extra option onto your policy to reduce your risk. Most homeowners are risk averse and want to remove as much risk as possible to feel secure. But you might have a different level of risk tolerance, so you might be able to skip some of the extra options that other homeowners select. You really should work with a qualified insurance agent to make sure your coverage is thorough and substantial, however, so if you have questions about risk tolerance, contact your insurance agent today to discuss your options. You might find that some extra coverage is cheaper than you expected, making it worthwhile to add it to your policy.

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